Japan´s Economy between market, state and society (AEAS 2108 Japan's Political Economy)

  • Prof. Dr. Werner Pascha
Wintersemester 2019/2020
Monday, 16.00 - 17:30
LB 335


Addressees This seminar is the principal part of the advanced module “Japan’s Political Economy” (AEAS 2108) for the CEAS and MEAS Master program. The second part of the module, “Project Study: Topical Issues of Japan’s Political Economy”, is included in this framework. The seminar is also relevant for Master BWL and Master Wirtschaftsingenieur. Erasmus exchange students are welcome. For other programs please contact Mihaela Suhalitca.
Course description Giving credit to the research focus of the master program, students will work on a self-study project applying relevant economic theories (Downs´ public choice, welfare approach) including quantitative measures to various major policy fields like monetary and fiscal policy, industrial policy, social policy etc. Students will integrate their findings in a scholarly presentation and a seminar paper. During the semester, students will learn about and discuss current issues in Japan’s political economy – e.g. recent policy initiatives like Abenomics.
Learning targets The successful completion of the seminar enables students
  • to work out a structured approach to solve the tasks at hand 
  • get familiar with the application of theories (operationalization, hypothesis building and testing, interpretation of results)
  • get to know some basic quantitative tools (regression analysis) and critically evaluate their benefits for their own analysis  
  • learn how to present complicated materials to a wider audience
  • get acquainted with ways of developing, presenting and defending hypotheses
  • understand current economic policy issues in Japan (Abenomics) 
Course type Seminar, 6 ECTS credit points
Language English
Methods of Assessment - Regular and active participation, including discussion of someone else’s presentation (25%) - Presentation (25%) - Academic Paper (50%)
Location LB 335
Time Monday, 16:00 -17:30
Kick off meeting Monday, October 21, 2019
Contact Mihaela Suhalitca, LE 735 mihaela.suhalitca (at) , Tel 0203 379-4185
Registration Personal registration during the kick-off meeting on October 21, 2019


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